Our Workshop!

Problems from gene regulation, biochemical reaction networks, DNA sequencing, and phylogenetics constitute a cross-section of challenges in modern molecular and systems biology. This workshop will focus on such problems at levels appropriate for classroom projects and student research. Along with the underlying biology, participants will learn to build models using finite dynamical systems, Boolean networks, linear, polynomial, and abstract algebra, and probabilistic methods. We encourage attendance by mathematics-biology faculty teams from the same institution. No specific background in biology, mathematical biology, or computational algebra systems will be required. Biology faculty are not expected to have a specialized mathematical background beyond precalculus.

Registration Fee: $275 per person/$450 per team of two ($350 and $600 respectively for registrations received after June 2, 2013)

All meals and lodging costs will be covered with registration for the workshop. Participants are responsible for their own travel. Please plan on arriving on Sunday, July 14 and on departing in the afternoon on July 19, 2013. The workshop activities will begin with a dinner on Sunday, July 14, at 6:30 pm and end around noon on Friday, July 19.

Our Program!

This program is part of the Mathematical Association of America’s PRofessional Enhancement Program (PREP), funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), through the Division of Undergraduate Education (NSF grant DUE-0817071)